Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Useful Lucent APX/TNT Commands

show (shows all the cards and status)
fatal (shows error log and event messages)
redundant (swaps controller cards over)
red-bits (shows current hardware revision for controller card)
modem -help (command info)
mdmdis (disables a set number of modems on a slot (eg mdmdis 1 15 1 96) this would disable 1-96 modems on slot 15 shelf 1)
mdmen (same as mdmdis but for enabling modems)

read slot-info { 1 15 0}
list serial (these two commands allow you to read the serial number of a card that has been installed into a box without having to remove it)

uptime -a (show the uptime of the slot cards)
slot –b (bounce a slot card eg slot -b 8)
save console (shows the config)
log –p (shows the log, though limited in space so doesnt hold alot)

APX>get slot-info {1 15 0}
[in SLOT-INFO/{ shelf-1 slot-15 0 }]
slot-address* = { shelf-1 slot-15 0 }
serial-number = 1035301756
software-version = 10.1
software-revision = 0
software-level = ""
hardware-level = " A"
software-release = e153

Save console (prints out the setting for the box, can be used as save console snmp to print specific settings)


  1. Good listing of APX commands found 2 in this list that I wasn't aware of - keep up the good work!


  2. resrcmgr -i (shows info about DSP resources on the unit such as # times a DSP took a call, how many bad calls, current state of DSP, etc) very good command you should add it to your list.