Wednesday, August 10, 2011

InfoBlox Lost Password

I have lost the password for my only Superuser account.  How do I reset the 
database without the admin password?

Please note that employing the following instructions will remove ALL data from 
the Infoblox device.  It is our suggestions that, in order to keep from 
resorting to such drastic measures, the default "admin" account be 
reserved only for emergency situations, and that additional Superuser accounts 
are created for the purpose of standard day-to-day administration.  Please make 
sure that the password set for the default “admin” is kept up-to-date with the 
other Superuser accounts.

Connect to the serial console port on the device (not via Remote Console 
or SSH), power cycle the device, after system goes through the initial boot-
up messages, it will display the following message:

"Wait 5 secs for login prompt. Hit "Esc", then "Enter" for 
Emergency prompt."

At this point, during the remaining 5 seconds, hit both the "Esc" key 
and the "Enter/return" key.  You will now be taken to the Emergency 
prompt at which time you can type "reset database" to reset the system. 
After a successful reset from the Emergency prompt, you can "exit" from 
the emergency prompt by entering command "exit" which will take you to 
the regular login prompt. At this point system configurations are completely 
reset to factory defaults and you can login with the default username and 

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